Alley’s House is a nonresidential, voluntary program available to pregnant and parenting teen mothers (13-21 years old) who want to:

  • Complete their education
  • Meet other young moms
  • Find a career path to support a family
  • Strengthen parenting skills
  • Learn the skills needed to live independently
  • Get help to accomplish goals

Alley’s House offers programs from 10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Friday.

For moms who can’t attend during weekdays, please contact us about how you can participate in our community outreach program.

The first step is motivation and Alley’s House will help you figure out the rest.

Call 214-824-8700 to get started today.

Innovative Learning
  • GED and High School Tutoring

Alley’s House uses GED Academy, an online GED test preparation program that includes teaching lessons, practice tests, books, and tutoring. In addition to GED Academy, Alley’s House offers personal tutoring to support moms on GED and high school testing subjects such as math, science, social studies, and language arts. Our tutors work with our moms in group and one-on-one settings that encourage our moms to learn from one another while receiving the individualized support they need.

  • Health and Wellness

Alley’s House curriculum includes 25 units of health and wellness and personal enrichment workshops. These topics include nutrition, healthy relationships, fitness, anger management, coping with stress, amongst others.

  • Parenting

Alley’s House uses Power Source Parenting, a parenting curriculum (10 units) developed specifically for at-risk populations. Moms also participate in weekly parenting teen mom parenting group sessions and practice the techniques through hands-on engagement with their children.

Wraparound Services
  • Self-Improvement Sessions

Moms participate in 24 weeks of individual sessions. Family and filial therapy are available on a case by case basis. Ask about our Family Tree Counseling services.

  • Teen Mom Groups

Moms participate in twice weekly peer support groups to discuss parenting, challenges, feelings, and experiences of being a teen mother.

  • Case Management Services

Each mother works one on one with program staff to create individualized monthly and daily goals as well as referrals to resources and help navigating challenges.

  • Mentors for Young Mothers Program

A one-to-one mentorship matches teen mothers with a community volunteer for 12 months to offer support, guidance, and friendship.

Workforce Development
  • Workforce Readiness and Financial Independence

Moms receive 25 units of learning on Workforce Readiness, Professional Development, and Financial Literacy. Topics include resume preparation, interview etiquette, keeping your job, overcoming obstacles, how to talk about money, predatory lending, dealing with debt, and more.

  • Career Pathway Program

Every Alley’s House graduate will leave the program with a post-graduation plan for either college or career.  Alley’s House provides access to information on opportunities available to moms through our college and career fair in addition to case management services.  Our hope is that every mom will leave with a solid plan for her future to provide for herself and her children.