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Alley’s House Summer of Empowerment

Alley’s House Summer of Empowerment provided young mothers five weeks of fun and education with book club, field trips to Klyde Warren Park, Dallas Museum of Art, and Aldi food store plus hands-on workshops to prepare them to return to school with parenting, college/career training, and life skills to enhance their support system.

These feats would not be possible without the support of workshop facilitators from AT&T, The Be Project, Dallas Woman’s Forum, Hope Cottage, Women Infant Children (WIC), and Alley’s House alumna Ashley Lindley. Pictured below is Alisa Thomas from AT&T, who led a workshop on Office & Professional Etiquette. This was a particularly unique experience as AT&T also brought along four of their high school and college summer interns to participate in the training.

Simone, an AT&T summer intern, said “The visit to Alley’s House was a great experience. Meeting with the teen mothers gave us a new perspective on the struggles of raising a family. The girls at Alley’s House were determined to create a better life for themselves and their families. Though they were a little shy, I felt their eagerness to learn more about the etiquette of the business world. Some of the girls were even professionally dressed and ready for the work environment. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and hoped the girls learned a lot! Through this experience these young ladies will be built for success and acquire great business skills. I wish them the best within this program and their future endeavors.”

Workshops like these make an enormous impact on our young moms as they prepare to navigate the working world. As Simone said, “Alisa’s presentation gave great insight on tools needed to be successful. The slide ‘The Ideal Employee’ […]

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Volunteering from the Heart

Mary Katherine began her volunteer experience with Alley’s House in 2014 and was honored as Alley’s House 2014 Volunteer of the Year for her work and passion for the young women and children she served. Below is a reflection her time at Alley’s House.

As my time as an Alley’s House volunteer comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on how I have changed since my first day here. I grew from a timid, first-time volunteer, unsure of what to expect, and transitioned into a full member of the Alley’s House family. After a year and a half of rocking fussy babies to sleep, stuffing donor information folders, and organizing (and reorganizing) the boutique, I had the opportunity to be involved in all areas of Alley’s House.

Most importantly, I was able to form wonderful relationships with awesome women. From the staff who work tirelessly and lovingly to make Alley’s House the amazing place it is, to the moms who demonstrate awe-inspiring courage and perseverance every single day, each woman in the Alley’s House family has impacted me in a unique way. Alley’s House is an incredible place that helps to empower so many young women in the D/FW area.

Not only is Alley’s House successfully empowering young mothers in Dallas, but they help to empower every person that they encounter. I know I am a stronger, more independent woman because of my experiences as a volunteer. I am so grateful for Alley’s House, and I am so excited to see it grow in the future.

If you’re looking for an amazing volunteer experience like Mary Katherine’s, please call 214-824-8700 or email at We’d love to have your support as a childcare volunteer this summer and fall, Tuesdays through […]

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Changing Lives and Enhancing Futures

A community partnership comes in many different shapes and sizes. Veritex Community Bank has had the privilege of enjoying a great partnership with Alley’s House for several years now, all thanks to our Women in Business Program. The program offers networking socials for female business owners and executives so it was a natural fit for Alley’s House founder to attend socials and even serve as one of our Charity Spotlights. From there, a partnership blossomed that included networking, a banking relationship and friendship with the staff.

Given this longstanding partnership, I was thrilled to get the call from Rachel, Executive Director, asking if Veritex Community Bank had the interest and time to assist with leading financial literacy classes for their teen moms. Quite honestly, the bank as a whole was more than meeting our CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) requirements, but we love our relationship with Alley’s House, believe in the Alley’s House mission and wanted to help out. I asked a couple Veritex teammates to help me so that we could fill as many dates as possible for the Spring. No “arm twisting” was required and AVP/Branch Manager Angela and AVP/Portfolio Manager Holly jumped at the chance to talk with these young women about topics such as Dealing with Debt, Attitudes towards Money, Budgeting and Credit Building. The Veritex philosophy is one of giving back and doing it with presence. We take the word “community” in Veritex Community Bank very seriously.

Angela, Holly and I knew we would enjoy our visits with the girls. We each are moms as well, with our own stories of joys, difficult times and the importance of financial literacy. One of us had been a teen mom. Another had been a […]

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The Passion of Giving

Community involvement, volunteerism, and civic involvement are core beliefs that have always been encouraged in my family, and frankly, it has become ingrained in how we live our day-to-day lives. My wife and I support organizations within our community that we are passionate about and that we believe are making a great impact, provide a much-needed service to our community, and the passion of the organization is reflected in their staff and those who they serve. To us, Alley’s House represents that passion!

As a Board Member, I am honored and grateful to support and be engaged with such a wonderful organization that allows me to be personally involved. I also lead community engagement efforts for Fossil Group Inc., and I have a great opportunity to share the story of Alley’s House and the young mothers they support, to other Fossil employees and engage them to support the mission of Alley’s House.

I am a first generation Mexican-American, come from a large family of immigrants, and the issue of teen pregnancy and the challenges of being a young mother is something that is very close and personal to me. Alley’s House represents an organization that truly understands the needs of young mothers and is successfully working towards providing a comprehensive solution to them, not just a temporary solution. I view the work of Alley’s House, as providing the necessary tools to young mothers to be successful in achieving their educational and careers goals, and to live a more fulfilling life for them and their family.

To find ways to support Alley’s House, like Alex, please contact 214-824-8700 or email at

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Take Control of Your Life

Alley’s House invited Melissa Clark with Drennan & Associates Christian Counseling to share a story that would resonate with our moms. If you are interested in guest blogging for Alley’s House please contact

Several nights ago I heard a loud crash in my son’s room.  Now it’s not really out of the ordinary to hear loud noises coming from his room, but this was about an hour after he went to bed.  I found him with a deer in the headlights look.  This face reeks of guilt.  I asked him what happened.

He let me know a toy was thrown at the wall and a picture was knocked down.  Immediately he asked if it was his fault.  I couldn’t help but wonder if he was looking for someone or something to blame for his choice to throw a stuffed animal across the room.

Most likely he didn’t want it to be his fault because of the consequences that might have followed.

I let my son know his actions are his responsibility.  Nobody made him do it, this was his choice.  I empowered him to accept responsibility for his actions.

As adults, I’m curious how often we have the same, “____ made me do it.”  Theodore Roosevelt once said “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”

Blaming others may seem like an easy way out.  An individual can dodge punishment or consequences.  But for each occurrence a blaming behavior occurs, an individual loses personal control.

Each of us has an ability to choose what we think, act, and feel.  Realizing this truth offers empowerment to take control of our life. Equally important is understanding we do not […]

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Healthy Teens, Healthy Moms and Healthy Communities

Alley’s House long-time workshop facilitator, Linda Fyffe, shares about her experience with Alley’s House as a Planned Parenthood educator.

As a health educator, I am incredibly lucky to work with young women throughout the Dallas and North Texas communities. Specifically, I lead health education workshops on a range of topics important to teen’s health, including healthy relationships, unintended pregnancy prevention, anatomy and physiology, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections; and Talk First workshops to help young parents communicate with their children to keep them healthy and safe.

Texas teens are eager for honest, accurate health information and for strategies for communication and responsible decision-making. The small intimate workshops that we provide at Alley’s House are designed to empower young parents to take control of their own health. They realize that they can be role models for their children through healthy decision making. I am humbled and awed by the dedication and initiative the young women at Alley’s House possess. On top of all of their responsibilities as young mothers, they still make time in their busy schedules to attend and engage in these workshops to help themselves and their families’ future.

We are also proud to provide Planned Parenthood’s TeenAge Communication Theatre (TACT) performances at Alley’s House and schools and other community organizations throughout North Texas. TACT consists of Dallas-area high school volunteers who are trained on key health issues such as abstinence, body image, bullying, HIV/AIDS prevention, parent-teen communication, teen pregnancy and other issues important to teens. The TACT volunteers then perform interactive pieces for their peers based on these topics. More than 1,700 young people last year attended a TACT performance.

Alley’s House and Planned Parenthood staff have partnered for more than 15 years to make […]

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Artist Pamela Rabin donates art to Incrementum III

Pamela Rabin is a Dallas-based fine art artist and photographer who will be participating in Incrementum III, 9th Annual Art Auction benefitting alley’s house Saturday 2/2. She has been participating in the alley’s house art auction for over 6 years. This is her second year to be a live auction artist, painting a 36” x 48” painting.

Pamela’s art is greatly influenced by American abstract painters of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

“This year’s piece, ‘Swept Away’ represents movement and new beginnings, the ocean accepting all one’s flaws and one’s beauty simultaneously,” Pamela said. “The painting is inspired by the early impressionists with multiple layers of color and texture to create light.”

She believes that art is a powerful medium for expressing emotion.

“Art can be a powerful statement without words.  There are so many ways to explore different styles and raw emotion,” Pamela said. “I chose a sensory memory of the ocean as my muse.  I cannot look at the ocean without a deep sigh, full of melancholy and my childhood past.”

Pamela is looking forward to attending Incrementum to see all the great works of art that are in store.

“This year’s art auction has so many talented artists,” she said. “There will be such great deals on original artwork. This will be the best year so far for Alleys House. I am honored to be part of the show.”

Come to Incrementum III, 9th Annual Art Auction benefitting alley’s house tonight, 2/2, at 7:00 pm at the Gallery at MIDTOWN! Click here to buy your tickets ahead of time.

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Artist Steve Hamilton is participating in Incrementum on 2/2

Steve Hamilton is participating in Incrementum III, alley’s house 9th Annual Art Auction. This will be his second time in the show. Last year his painting was very well received in the silent auction. Steve is flattered to have been given the opportunity to showcase a larger painting in the live auction this year.

“I have done many charity type art shows, but the alley’s house art auction is a step above the rest,” Steve said. “Everyone involved is genuinely excited about the art, meeting the artists and raising money for a great cause.”

The care the artists have for alley’s house shows in the amazing quality of the art at Incrementum.

“The level and variety of work is outstanding,” Steve said. “There is a piece for everyone’s unique taste and it helps a great organization.”

This year, his title entitled “Every End is a Start…” depicts the passing of generations and all that encompasses.

“I focus on exploring the connection/disconnection and nostalgia with love ones in my portraiture,” Steve said.

Steve is looking forward to attending Incrementum and having the chance to see everyone’s art.

He says that Incrementum, “it is one of the most professional and genuine events I have ever had the privilege to participate in…and it’s a blast!”

Incrementum III is this Saturday 2/2 from 7:00pm – 11:00pm at the Gallery at MIDTOWN in Dallas, TX (located inside Valley View mall). Get your tickets today!

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Incrementum III will feature two live paintings

We are delighted to share that this year’s Incrementum III, 9th Annual Art Auction Benefitting  alley’s house is featuring two live artist paintings.  Anne Royer and Jim Rizzi will be painting two live art pieces at the auction.

Anne Royer has lived in McKinney for over 15 years.  She is an artist, art teacher, lecturer and writer on art history. Anne holds a fine arts degree from Austin College and three Master’s Degrees from Yale University in Religion and Visual Arts, East Asian Studies and the History of Art. She currently teaches art history at the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts, Collin College in the Seniors Active in Learning program, and fine art in her studio and at the McKinney Art House.  Her work is shown at the Galleries at Midtown (Dallas) and at Orisons Fine Art Gallery (McKinney), where she also works as a liaison between the artists and the gallery.

Anne’s art focuses on color and composition, and encompasses a broad range of subject matter. To that end, she began the Arts and Music Guild, a non-profit designed to mentor young artists and musicians, and bring the creative process to the community in meaningful ways.

Jim Rizzi, or better known as JMR, has adapted a unique mixture of neo-abstract expressionism with hints of contemporary pop to create a style all its own.  Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, JMR has grown up with the influences of street art and the established art world constantly around him.  Through his own individual, hybrid street style, he has dedicated himself to helping art fit into the outside world.

You don’t want to miss out on this terrific event:

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Abhidnya Ghuge is excited to share her art in Incrementum III

Abhidnya Ghuge is participating in Incrementum for the second time.

“I appreciate the mission of alley’s house,” Abhidnya said. “I would like to help in the best way I can and that is to donate my talent in art.”

Abhidnya wants to show the symbiotic relationship between the individual and the community as they grow together.

“Growth has to begin from the inside,” she said. “The community can help from the outside. Healthy sustained growth happens when both participate in the process.”

Abhidnya decribles her artistic style as a mix of printmaking and collage art.

“I make wood blocks and print the information on paper and then attach them to canvas,” Abhidnya said.

Abhidnya suggests that people attend Incrementum III, “to help support a great cause by their presence and by purchasing art. Enjoy an evening with fellow sponsors and supporters of alley’s house as well as artists.”

alley’s house not only supports teen moms, but also helps to foster creativity.

“alley’s house appreciates the value of art in life,” Abhidnya. “When a buyer purchases any artwork at the Incrementum auction, they support the value of creativity and expression”.
Buy your tickets for Incrementum III on February 2 at the Gallery at MIDTOWN today!

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