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Welcome Alley’s House Newest Staff Member!

Alley’s House fall semester starts the week of August 24th and as we start back to school we’re pleased to share that Stephanie Shavers Jones will join the team as Program Supervisor.

Stephanie joins us after almost four years working for the Department of Family and Protective Services as an Investigator for Child Protective Services and two years with Health and Human Services as an Eligibility Specialist. She earned her Bachelors of Art in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology.

Stephanie was born in Texarkana, TX. She was raised by her father, a U.S. army veteran, and mother a U.S. Army civilian worker who made several tours to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Stephanie’s older brother followed in their parents’ footsteps and become a U.S. civilian worker and served time overseas. Stephanie’s passion for impacting the lives of children and families may be a product of her childhood as her parents were foster parents in addition to caring for their small town community, church, and country. Stephanie currently resides in Balch Springs, TX with her husband, son, and puppy named Caesar.

Stephanie is excited to join the Alley’s House team and shares that she wants to make a difference in the lives of people that she meet, which is why she choose a career path that would allow her to do so.  We welcome Stephanie to the agency and know that with her background, motivation, and rapport with young women and children that she will be a great asset and support system to our young mothers.

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Spring is Near and Change is Here!

Alley’s House mission is to empower teen mothers to achieve independence; a message that resonates with stakeholders based on their personal perspective and role. As Program Supervisor, I work hand in hand with our pathways participants to expand their perspective and identify what “independence” looks like for them.

Initially, some moms may express unfamiliarity and reservation dealing with topics on financial literacy and professional etiquette; questioning, “How will this help me on my path?” As they gain a deeper understanding of what their “independence” looks like they build an affinity to the wide range of topics and services Alley’s House can offer them.

In 2015, Alley’s House is focused on strengthening our programs;

We’ve slowly transitioned from a social work model to a community counseling framework to enable us to expand our counseling program. All of our pathway participants undergo a self-improvement intake session and participate in 24 weeks of one-on-one self-improvement sessions led by LPC-Interns or Master’s Practicum students.In mid-February, our bi-weekly Teen Mom Group reached a tipping point where moms felt safe to share personal stories, shed tears, and allow moms to connect to each other in a more personal way. That afternoon, as mothers prepared to leave for the day, they all naturally gathered in a circle laughing and engaging in positive conversation. The transition to a community counseling model has undoubtedly strengthened the unity among Alley’s House staff, interns, volunteers, and moms.

We are adding 20 units of curriculum to our core program to build a stronger financial literacy, professional development, and health and wellness curriculum. These will be modularized so we can take pieces of our core program to the community to reach moms through 5-session long community outreach workshops.


We are working on […]

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